Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (2024)

When March 17th rolls around, it’s time to get your green on! St. Patrick’s Day is a beloved Irish holiday commemorating the life of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, that has been celebrated worldwide for centuries. Decorating for this festive holiday has become a tradition of its own, with greenery, shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and all shades of green taking center stage. As you plan your St. Patrick’s celebrations this year, decorations are a fun and easy way to set the mood. Whether you’re hosting a party, taking treats to the office, choosing promotional products, or want to spread some Irish cheer at home, there are many creative options for decking out your space with St. Patty’s flair. Read on for some background on St. Patrick’s Day traditions and tips for decorating on a budget. With creativity and a dash of green, you’ll have the perfect festive backdrop for any March 17th festivities.

Traditional Irish Elements for St Patricks Day Decoration

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (1)

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Shamrocks and four-leaf clovers

DIY clover garlands

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (2)

Clover garlands are a festive way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Hop over to the craft shop to price out supplies like green tissue paper and pipe cleaners to DIY an ornate clover garland to decorate your home. Display them proudly when you decorate for this lucky holiday!

Shamrock-shaped table centerpieces

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (3)

A shamrock-shaped table centerpiece is a quintessential St. Patrick’s Day decoration. Check prices at the party supply shop for festive paper garlands, beads, and candles to create a DIY shamrock masterpiece for your table. Display one proudly when you decorate to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


Leprechaun hat door wreaths

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (4)

Spruce up your front door with a fun leprechaun hat wreath. Price ribbons, bells, a giant buckle, and other supplies are at the craft store. Then, use your creativity to craft an oversized magical leprechaun hat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style when you decorate.

Leprechaun footprints for a whimsical touch

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (5)

Create a whimsical trail of leprechaun footprints throughout your home, leading to a pot of gold surprise. All it takes is green paint and some creativity. It’s an easy DIY decorating idea that really livens up the atmosphere as you decorate to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Color Palette

Embracing the green

Different shades of green for a lively atmosphere

Embrace different shades of green when you decorate to liven up the atmosphere. Hop over to the party supply shop and price all the emerald, lime, and forest green supplies like tablecloths, garlands, and ribbons. Incorporate an array of green hues in your St. Patrick’s Day decorations to keep the festive spirit flowing!

Incorporating gold accents for a touch of luxury

For a luxurious lucky touch, incorporate gold accents when you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. Price gold beads, candles, coins, and glitter at the craft store to creatively work into your holiday decorations. The green and gold color combo shines bright for this festive holiday celebration!

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DIY St. Patrick Day Decorations

Personalized banners with festive messages

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (6)

Customize your celebration with a personalized St. Patrick’s Day banner! Hop to the craft shop to price letter beads, felt and glitter to make a DIY banner with a festive message to proudly display when you decorate. It’s a fun way to showcase that special Irish spirit!

Easy-to-make banner using paper and string

You don’t have to be crafty to DIY a St. Patrick’s Day banner. Simply hop over to the dollar store and price some craft paper in various green shades. Use string to create a simple yet eye-catching banner to hang when you decorate to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in affordable style!

Pot of Gold Centerpieces

Creating a centerpiece with gold-wrapped chocolate coins

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (7)

Add shiny gold-wrapped chocolate coins to your floral centerpiece for a creative St. Patrick’s Day touch. Stack the foil-covered sweets amidst the blooms for a dessert-inspired display that delights.

Floral arrangements with gold-painted elements

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (8)

Enhance fresh floral bouquets with gold accents to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Paint glass vases, beads, candles, and other decorative elements in metallic gold and creatively arrange amidst lively greenery for eye-catching holiday displays.

St. Patrick’s Day Tabletop DecorSetting

Green tablecloths and napkins

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (9)

Dress up your St. Patrick’s Day tablescape with coordinating green table linens. Layer emerald tablecloths over white for a bold base, and fold lime napkins with shamrock napkin rings for playful pops of festive color to set the mood.

Irish-themed tableware and utensils

Set a St. Patrick’s holiday table with special touches like four-leaf clover-decorated plates and cutlery emblazoned with Irish blessings for fun, spirited details. Green napkins, gold chargers, and themed glassware carry the motif throughout the entire place setting.

Creative place cards with Irish quotes or sayings

Guide guests to their seats with clever DIY place cards decorated with short Irish toasts, blessings, poems or proverbs. Handletter names in green and embellished with shamrocks or Celtic knots for creative touches steeped in Irish tradition.

Window and Wall Decoration

St. Patrick’s Day window clings

DIY window decals with Irish symbols

Celebrate the wearin’ of the green by decorating your windows for St. Patrick’s Day. Create DIY window decals featuring Celtic knots, lucky clovers, Irish harps, and jaunty leprechauns out of contact paper or vinyl for temporary festive flair.

Green and gold streamers for a festive look

Liven up your St. Patrick’s Day space by hanging vibrant streamers in emerald, kelly, and lime shades. Incorporate shimmering gold streamers here and there for a touch of richness and to carry over the lucky gold accents throughout your decorations.

Irish-themed wall art

Framed Irish blessings or quotes

Display an Irish blessing or inspirational quote embellished in Gaelic script under glass in a gold frame for refined St. Patrick’s Day decor. Position it prominently on an entryway console or buffet for an elegant way to express the holiday spirit.

Leprechaun cutouts for a playful touch

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (10)

Take leprechaun decor in a playful papercraft direction and create a troop of magical little men out of card stock and construction paper. Hang jolly, gold-coin-clutching leprechauns throughout your space, waving their tiny Irish flags with whimsy charm.

Outdoor Decorations

Leprechaun garden gnomes

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (11)

Bring a bit of Irish charm to your outdoor space with fun leprechaun garden gnomes! Position these pointy-hatted gnomes among your garden beds or porch decorations. They add a magical, festive touch perfect for St. Patrick’s celebrations.

Green outdoor lights or fairy lights

Illuminate your backyard, trees, or exterior with green outdoor string lights. The emerald glow sets a festive vibe perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Use solar or LED lights to keep things environmentally friendly.

St. Patrick’s Day flags and banners for the yard

Festoon your front porch or yard with St. Patrick’s Day pennant banners and flags. The jaunty triangles flapping in the breeze help spread the Irish cheer. Look for durable nylon or canvas options that will last for seasons.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Irish music playlist

Set the perfect St. Patrick’s Day mood with a background playlist of lively traditional Irish tunes. Play up-tempo songs to inspire dance and merriment for your celebration. Select kid-friendly artists for family-focused gatherings.

Green-themed photo booth with props

Create DIY photo fun with a decked-out green screen photo booth. Provide silly hats, glasses, bow ties, and signs as fun props for guests to pose with. Print out snapshots to take home as whimsical party favors.

Traditional Irish food and drinks

Infuse authentic Irish flavor into your St. Patrick’s menu with traditional dishes like shepherd’s pie, Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage. And don’t forget to pour a pint of stout! The kid-friendly green punch adds options for those not of age.

Safety Tips for Decorations

Fire safety with candles or string lights

Take proper precautions when decorating with candles, string lights or fire elements outdoors. Place open flames in secure containers on flat, non-flammable surfaces away from loose debris. Station a fire extinguisher and water source nearby in case of emergency.

Child-friendly decorations

Look for non-breakable decor items for kid and family-centered St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Soft fabric banners, plush rainbows and flowers, chunky bead garlands, and vinyl wall decals withstand active young party guests. Display fragile items safely out of reach.

Environmentally friendly choices

Make earth-conscious choices whenever possible as you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. Seek out recycled, biodegradable, reusable, or natural material decor supplies like wood, fabric, paper, or plants. LED string lights, solar lamps, and living centerpieces green things up!

Welcome the Luck of the Irish Home with Party Decoration

Decorate with a pot of gold, Patrick’s Day rainbow decorations, and accessories! Our online home decor shop has the best selection of Saint Patrick’s Day decorations and table decorations to make your party shine.

Browse festive table runners, banners, garlands, and more to turn your home into an emerald paradise. And don’t forget playful leprechaun figurines, hats, and golden chocolate coin boxes to complete the holiday tableau.

With our wide variety at affordable prices, you’ll surely find eye-catching St. Patty’s Day home accessories to liven up your space. Check out our shamrock wreaths, customizable banners, and coordinating tableware for inspiring ways to decorate your home in green and gold style.

Bring the luck straight to your door and shop today! Discover endless ideas to elevate your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and create merriment that will last all season long.

Fun St Patrick Day Party Decorations and Party Supplies to Enhance the Decor (2024)
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