'No reason for a crunchwrap supreme to be $7': Taco Bell customer questions why Build Your Own box is cheaper than Crunchwrap Supreme (2024)

A woman was confused as to why Taco Bell was running such a good deal on their Veggie Build Your Own Cravings box. “Don’t question it,” viewers told her.

Taco Bell is known for affordable pricing, late night hours, and serving the same few ingredients in a bunch of forms, some more creative than others. It has its classic Americanized tacos and burritos and popular favorites like the Doritos Locos Tacos and Crunchwrap Supreme.

For at least a decade, Taco Bell has offered various seasonal value boxes that people, frankly, go crazy for because it’s just such a good deal.

Taco Bell’s Cravings Box

The Cravings Boxes switch up the items, but they usually include one main component (like a burrito or a crunchwrap supreme), a taco, chips or a dessert, and a beverage for cheaper than it would be to get a regular combo.

When Jaz (@jaz.fu) saw a vegetarian cravings box on the menu, she was confused by the pricing.

“Can somebody who works at Taco Bell please explain to me why the entire veggie Build Your Own Cravings Box is cheaper than one black bean Crunchwrap Supreme?” she asked.

While prices vary by location, at Jaz’s Taco Bell, one Bean Crunchwrap by itself costs $6.99, but the Cravings Box, which comes with two extra menu items and a drink, is a dollar cheaper at $5.99.

“I didn’t even want a drink or anything, but you know what?” Jaz said as she showed her cravings combo.

It seems the deal was too good to pass up.

@jaz.fu four items… and my total after tax was still less than one black bean crunchwrap supreme 😀 #fypツ #tacobell #cravingsbox #deals #inflation? ♬ original sound – Jaz

Viewers praise Taco Bell’s deals

People in the comments section had plenty to say.

“I keep trying to tell everyone the cravings boxes are gods gift to earth and no one listens,” a person said.

“BRUH at my Taco Bell there was a box that was $5 for items that equaled $14 by themselves and I questioned it one time. Next day..BAM the box was $11,” another chimed in.

“Shhhh—don’t let them know we know!” a viewer said.

Others offered their theories about the promo.

“Apparently it’s bc they want people to use the app more (that specific cravings box and the non veggie one are only on the app),” a commenter wrote.

“The boxes are what’s called a loss leader, it appears that they’re selling something at a loss, but in reality they sell so many of them that they make a profit,” one said.

The commenter is almost there, but their definitions aren’t quite right. A loss leader is an item that’s sold below market value with the purpose of getting people in the door in hopes that once they’re in they’ll purchase other items that are more profitable.

For example, the supermarket may run a deal on strawberries and sell a $5 pack for $3, taking a $2 loss. But, that customer is likely to stick around to pick up some other things they need, and maybe do their whole grocery run for the week.

By the time you factor in the profit on the eggs, cereal, bread, veggies, pasta, and ice cream they bought, the grocery store has more than recovered the $2 strawberry profit loss. So basically, a loss leader is a way to get people in the door.

Now, Taco Bell might not be using this specific tactic since it’s unlikely that a person getting a cravings box already has all the food items they’ll likely need to get full. Instead, it seems they’re going for a “high-volume, low-margin” strategy. Basically, even though you’re making a small profit on each item sold, you can still rake in the money if you sell a lot of that product.

For example, the veggie cravings box costs $5.99. Even if each box only makes a $1 profit, selling 100,000 brings in $100,000.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jaz for comment via Instagram and TikTok direct message.

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'No reason for a crunchwrap supreme to be $7': Taco Bell customer questions why Build Your Own box is cheaper than Crunchwrap Supreme (2024)
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